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Air Sanitize

Enjoy a refreshing scent that acts on airborne microbiological organisms or microorganisms.

Asian Delight

Spoil yourself with the exquisitely fragranced floral scent of soothing Jasmine. An irresistible indulgence.

Citrus Spring

Surround yourself with the gorgeous spring flowers. A sophisticated scent of blossoms in spring.


Enticingly sweet, the intriguing warm fruity fragrance of Fig is characteristic of freshly picked sun ripened figs. Sweet honeyed floral with subdued fig and green notes.

Jungle Trail

An stroll in a rainforest with tropical flowers hidden in the dense wood.

Mountain Air

Tropical guava combines with the coolness of cucumber form a very fresh experience of the mountain air.

Musc Amande

Rich scent that smells like fresh almonds.

Orange Éclat

Cleansing Freshness with warm welcoming body and romance. A feel-good scent that gives you energy.

Oriental Flower

The immaculate beauty of the Cherry Blossom is captured in this delicate floral aroma. Light and alluring, this fresh scent is reminiscent of the first blossoms of spring.


A sea shore experience after a tropical rainfall.

Spice Garden

Wondering in a botanical garden of tropical flowers the seducing ginger is brought to you with fresh citrus notes.

Tea and Spice

A sophisticated aroma of green tea with smooth tropical Osmanthus give you a feeling of relaxation.

Tea Valley

A mix of floral and fruity notes makes this tea variation light and uncompromising.

ThÉ Viet

A blend of tea and wood, soothed with floral notes and tropical nutmeg, you wish to stay with the scent wherever it takes you


Indulge in the divine sweetness of Vanilla, the premier aphrodisiac fragrance working on your sensory choices.

The high-quality fragrances of Aroma Scenting, are developed in close collaboration with selected perfume-traders in France and are IFRA-certified. Our fragrances consist of pure oils. They do not contain alcohol or other solvents. We also have products consisting of essential oils, with special cleaning effects, which are often utilized in smoking-areas.

In our range we offer a wide selection of individual fragrances. Nevertheless, we are also happy to develop personalized flavors, tailored to your needs.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are derived from flowers and fruits, so from natural products, and vary in color, fragrance, quality and price. Our products are mixed and consist of high-quality IFRA-certified essential oils from France. Essential oils are regularly used in health and wellness facilities such as spas, as well as fitness clubs. Also using these in smaller hotel and office lobbies is becoming increasingly popular. The diffusion of essential oils in restaurants or retail stores has a soothing effect on customers. Studies have shown that these guests tend to spend more on goods and services in places where there is a nice aroma.

Aromatic Oils

Not all plants can provide essential oils. Therefore, aromatic oils are often mixed with essential oils. The result is a rich bouquet.
Perfumes, as well as our essential and aromatic oils, are divided into three categories: Top Notes, Heart/Middle Notes and Base Notes.
They differ from each other in the different individual speed, with which the individual constituents of these fragrance oils are released into the air. This affects the perception of the smell as a whole and for this reason they are mixed together.


Topnotes are the most sensitive fragrances that provide each aroma its first impression. They are perceived as the first and therefore have a strong influence on the total perception. Topnotes, often oils from citrus fruit, are the first ones to evaporate, after which the Heart/Middle Notes of a fragrance can be discovered. Other examples of Topnotes are Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Mint and Cinnamon.

Heart/Middle Notes

Heart/Middle Notes represent the true character of a fragrance. They unfold themselves during a longer period than the Top Notes. Therefore they form the fragrance signature and are perceptible during the main impact of the fragrance. Typical Heart Notes are flowers, spices and Fruit.

Base Notes

Base Notes are the most durable ingredients of a fragrance. These ingredients support the scent and provide the necessary depth to it. Basic Notes anchor the volatile Top- and Heart Notes. Examples are Musk, Vanilla, Resins and Wood Species.

Top Notes
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